Dover Mills: Dover, NH

Blue Mist

 The following pictures were taken by one of our investigators as she tried to get her camera to focus. She did not notice the blue mist until she went through all her pictures on her computer the next day. Could this mist have something to do with her camera issues?





Blue Anomalies

 The investigator who took these photos did further research on the building after the fact and found this article.  You’ll notice the anomalies are around the same window as the photos from the 2007 article.  Do you think this could be the man who jumped from the fifth floor?  You decide!


For the full article :

DMoutsideorb2 DMoutsideorb1

“Man Jumping or falling?” EVP

 This EVP goes along with the blue anomaly photos. This EVP was captured on a video recorder as we were sitting on the floor of the fifth floor hallway around the area we were told a man jumped, taking his own life. Is this disembodied voice in the background that of the man who fell or jumped from the fifth floor?  Make sure you wear headphones and turn up your volume!

“Man Yelling” EVP

 This audio was recorded in a section of the building that was empty at the time.  Neither investigators or guests present at the time of the recording heard anything that sounded like this audio while investigating.  Make sure to use headphones when you listen and turn up the audio!