Portsmouth Music Hall: Portsmouth, NH

“Flying Anomaly” Video

 An anomaly decides to put on a show for our camera.  After much discussion and review, our team has agreed this doesn’t seem to be an insect.  You decide!

“Baby Crying” EVP

 Turn up your volume and put on the headphones!  You can faintly hear what sounds like a child crying.  This investigation was done after hours so there were no children present.  Is this a child from the spirit world?

BooBuddy Response

 Listen as BooBuddy responds to someone interacting with him!  This piece of equipment is meant for children.  Is this the same child from the previous EVP?  Visit our equipment page for information about BooBuddy and the EchoVox from the next EVP.

EchoVox “Flash”

 Is this the voice of a spirit saying the word “flash”?  It’s not uncommon to hear one of our investigators say “flash” before taking a photo so we don’t blind those around us… in this case one of our investigators had started taking pictures but forgot the warning, the voice on the EchoVox seems to be trying to help out.

“Anomaly” Photo

 Investigator and equipment expert, Brian, invited a spirit to take a photo with him during our presentation.  Investigator Catrina took these three photos in succession.  Is the anomaly in the second photo an actor taking the stage one last time?

orb1 orb2 orb3