2015 Awards


2015 Nominations


“Light Anomaly” Video

This video was caught in June at the Portsmouth Music Hall by one of our static night cameras. The team and our guests were all down in front of the stage. We do not believe this to be either a bug or dust, what do you think?



“Man Jumping or falling?” EVP

 This EVP was recorded on a video camera at the Dover Mills in Dover, NH.  Listen closely in the background!  You’ll hear what sounds like a man yelling.  Is this the voice of the man jumping from the building?  We did further research and found an article in our local paper which confirms a man fell/jumped from the fifth floor..

newspaperClick here for full Story:  http://www.fosters.com/article/20070511/GJNEWS_01/105110331



“Horse Farm” Photo

 The below photo was taken in March at a horse farm.  The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a horse who passed away in this arena.  Our investigators tried to replicate this photo to no avail.  If you look closely, you’ll see what appears to be two horses.