Rollinsford Mills: Rollinsford, NH


Our team investigated the Rollinsford Mills multiple times in 2014.  Below is the evidence separated by date… all in one easy location! We investigated late at night and at no time did we have children on these investigations.

May 17, 2014

Light Anomalies

No  one on the investigation had a laser pointer. We did not see this while we were there, it isn’t until we reviewed the video that we saw the red and white light anomalies all over Terri.

“Terri” EVP

“Horse?” EVP

“Yell” EVP

“Man Whispering” EVP

“Another Yell” EVP

May 24, 2014

“child Yell” EVP

“Knocking” EVP

“Scream” EVP

“Screams and Giggling” EVP

“Child” EVP

October 25, 2014

“Breathing” EVP

“Yelling” EVP

Spirit Makes a Joke Using Ghost Radar

“Help Me” EVP

“Dad” EVP