Undisclosed Horse Farm: NH

 “Mist Horses” Photo

We were investigating a local horse farm, we had investigators in the stables by the horses and investigators in the managers office over one of the indoor horse arenas. We were in our areas investigating for about 30 minutes when the REM Pod we placed in the center of one of the horse arenas started alerting, (we were told by the owner was a “hot spot”). We all quickly made our way to the REM pod. The first investigator to the arena took 9 photos in quick succession as fast as the shutter speed would allow(1/800th of a second ).  The mist looks quite different then the dust orbs you can see in all 3 photos. We attempted kicking up some dirt to try and replicate the second photo but all we got were more dust orbs. It was in March so we tried to replicate the photo with moisture from out breath. We had to blow purposefully into the direction of the camera for it to be picked up, and then it was much thicker and positioned in a different part of the picture.